Indoor, Portable Pickleball Court

Designed for Professional Performance

The Pickle Flex Pro is a portable, comfortable, high-performance indoor pickleball court.

• Sets up quickly for a game-ready playing surface
• Made with interlocking tiles, coated in vibrant Har-Tru Sports Coatings
• For temporary or permanent installation

From clubs to convention centers, avid pickleball players will appreciate the court’s balance of performance and comfort.

    • Excellent speed of play
    • True ball bounce
    • Solid foot traction
    • Designed for comfort

    Quick Setup and Multiple Uses

    The Pickle Flex Pro is designed for easy setup and takedown.

      • On-the-go play or a permanent installation
      • High-performance court surface
      • Won’t compromise the surface it’s installed on
      • Setup with just four people and two hours

      Single courts can be installed by yourself or by an authorized contractor.

      Reduced Impact and Added Comfort

      Pickle Flex Pro is meticulously engineered to reduce the impact of play on your body.

      • Force reduction — 17+%
      • Energy restitution — 80%
      • Excellent ball bounce
      • Longer, more comfortable matches

      Easy to Install

                                              Signature Colors

      Championship Blue (kitchen)
      Championship Green (outside)
      Light Blue (play area)


      Interlocking Tiles
      Coated in Har-Tru Sports Coatings
      Installs in Hours




      Official Court of Pickle in the Land


      The Pickle Flex Pro was installed for tournament play at the 2023 Pickle in the Land tournament. Hundreds of players came together in Cleveland for a weekend of competition and fun.

      The courts were quickly assembled on the floor of the Huntington Convention Center Cleveland. After three days of professional play, the courts were easily disassembled and moved to their next location!

      “Pickle Flex Pro is a game-changer for tournament and venue operators. Simple installation, for courts that look sharp and play great.” 

      Kyle Ross
      Topnotch Director of Events, and Pickle in the Land Tournament Director



      The Pickle Flex Pro is made for easy installation at a variety of facilities.
      the team get ready for Pickle In The Land—laying down one of three courts used in the tournament.

      Portable Indoor Performance

      Standard and Mini Courts

      The Pickle Flex Pro STANDARD
      Measures 32'x60' and is configured for regulation play.
      Set it up, add a portable net, and you're ready to go!

      The Pickle Flex Pro MINI
      Measures 12'x28' and is perfect for installing in a small space.

      Har-Tru’s Signature Design

      • Clean, straight edges define the court
      • Vibrant colors by Har-Tru Sports Coatings
      • Portable or permanent

      Sustainable Construction

      • 62% post-consumer recycled content
      • Coated with water-based acrylic
      • 100% organic liquid pigments

      High-Performance Comfort

      • Force reduction of 17%+ to minimize body stress
      • Energy restitution of 80% for optimal comfort
      • High ball rebound rating for consistent play
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