All-Weather ClayTech Tennis Courts

ClayTech is a hybrid surface that combines the benefits of clay with the low maintenance of hard courts.

Easier to install, easier to maintain, and easier to play on every day—ClayTech provides all-weather action and a consistent, enjoyable playing experience.

Perfect for homes and clubs

The ClayTech tennis court surface blends the sliding features of Har-Tru clay with the easier, more cost-effective maintenance of a hard court. Like hard courts, ClayTech courts require little maintenance. An occasional sweep and spritz of water just prior to play and the court is ready go.

Ready in any weather

ClayTech offers truly all-weather playability: wet, dry, hot, or cold. The ClayTech surface is highly resilient and rapidly returns to playability in all types of weather. It is resistant to UV rays, and freeze-thaw problems are nonexistent. During the hottest days of summer, ClayTech courts remain cooler than hard courts, adding to player comfort.

ClayTech surfaces can be installed on top of an existing hard court in as little as two days. The system utilizes a specially designed mat that acts as the base for a thin layer of red or green Har-Tru clay spread on top of the mat. Much like a hard court, ClayTech features permanent lines that only occasionally need to be touched up with new paint. The surface also covers holes and cracks, and the polypropylene membrane mat contributes to a long court life.

ClayTech surfaces need far less clay and water than classic clay tennis courts—making it an excellent choice in Western states and locations with water restrictions.

Watch the process of converting an existing hard court to a red ClayTech surface at Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa. Featuring former U.S. Open Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles champion Robin White, Director of Tennis at Rancho Valencia.

A Real Clay Surface That’s Easy to Maintain

Key Features & Benefits

Playing tennis on a ClayTech court has several advantages. Clay courts allow tennis players to slide, which means they can play for as long and as often as they like without overstressing the knees, back and lower extremities.

The consistently slower ball bounce results in longer rallies and a greater variety of strokes. Players learn a more controlled game by developing their strategy, skill and endurance. Additionally, the reduced risk of stress and injuries to knees, back and lower extremities allows avid players to play everyday without soreness or pain.

• Uses 85% less clay and much less water than a traditional court
• Easy and cost-efficient to maintain
• Clay surface develops better movement, footwork, and balance
• Minimal maintenance: If needed, brush and add a little water just prior to play
• All weather playability: wet, dry, hot, or cold
• Easily installed over existing hard courts
• Learn to slide and construct better shot sequences
• Develop strategy, endurance, and control
• Play more frequently without pain or injury

In the video below, Geoff Ralston, President of Y Combinator, and Pat Hanssen, President of Har-Tru, discuss playability, water conservation, and having fun on a ClayTech tennis court.

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