The ultimate clay court experience

HyQ (pronounced High-Q) is a revolutionary irrigation system that uses digital technology to continually monitor and adjust the water in your court. Precise, controlled, and efficient—the HyQ system offers advanced, easy to operate subsurface irrigation.


The HyQ system is the best in the world.

– Bob Moran, President, Charleston Tennis


 Players, contractors, maintenance personnel, and owners discuss the HyQ Court

The benefits of a HyQ court:

Zero down time for sprinkling
The HyQ system waters your court from below the surface. You never have to close a court while you wait for sprinklers. Your court maintains a consistent playing surface throughout the day.

Incredibly accurate digital adjustments
If you’ve ever fought with adjusting a water valve, you’ll love our digital control panel. Adjustments are made within 1/10" — you simply adjust up or down by pressing a button. Our new water level sensor lets you easily and accurately read the water level. The measuring unit is designed to precisely measure levels of liquid with no calibration needed.

Mobile App — control from anywhere
The HyQ mobile app lets you monitor and adjust your court — any time, from anywhere in the world. Alerts can be sent directly to you and others who need to know. The app allows you to remotely monitor and adjust your system with compete confidence. Precision control at your fingertips — anytime, anywhere.

Uses up to 60% less water
Economical in every way, outfitting your court with a HyQ sub-irrigation system decreases your water usage, and at the same time makes it easier and more efficient to control. Stop struggling and sprinkling — and start saving time, water, and money.

Official Surface of the Credit One Charleston Open

Credit One Stadium, Home of the Credit One Charleston Open

Har-Tru is the official surface and subsurface irrigation system of the Credit One Charleston Open.
Check out the courts at the center of this newly renovated facility.

Save water and time
The HyQ system waters your court faster so you can play sooner. The surface material and construction allow water to travel the length of the court and spread out quickly.

Quickly play after a rain
The system also allows faster drainage and access to your court after a rain. With proper maintenance, a HyQ court will shed water quickly off the court through the system beneath.

Durable scrubber valves
Water for your court can come from a variety of different sources, and sometimes chemicals or debris can affect an irrigation system. We’ve selected solenoid valves with built-in scrubbing devices for extra protection.

Mobile App controls from anywhere
With the HyQ app, you can monitor and control your court from anywhere in the world. If something needs attention, you can send alerts directly to you and others who need to know. Precision control at your fingertips — anytime, anywhere.


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