Tennis court benches and seating

Court Seating

Comfort on the Court. When tennis players sit down on change-overs, they need a comfortable place for that occasional shoe tie or a place to put belongings. Our designs offer an attractive and durable variety of seating choices.

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Cabana Bench Table
SKU: 134-3800
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Cabana Bench
SKU: 134-3790
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Fence Cabana
SKU: 134-3822FG
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Courtsider Court Bench
SKU: 130-3230GN
Dent-Saver Indoor Bench
SKU: 130-3240
Jumbo Rain/Shine Bench
SKU: 130-3239
Rain/Shine Bench
SKU: 130-3238
Multi-Purpose Bench
SKU: 130-3231GN
PVC Pro Bench
SKU: 130-3234
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PVC Umpire Chair with Cushion
SKU: 132-3222GN
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Canopy for PVC Umpire Chair
SKU: 132-3223GN
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Royale Deluxe Umpire Chair
SKU: 132-3601GN
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Cabanas, umpire chairs, benches and tables make your court relaxing in any weather. Eye-catching and smart, our court seating products add value to any tennis facility — and give players the convenience they want.