Tennis Court Maintenance

Court Maintenance

A Clean Court is a Happy Court.  Shop now for durable tennis court maintenance tools for clay and hard courts. Keep your courts groomed and pristine.  Everyday tools to make or maintain the perfect tennis court.

Super Squeegee
SKU: 143-232
Super Squeegee Replacement Blade
SKU: 144-3460
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Straightliner Plus
SKU: 150-3471
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SKU: 143-3153
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Mastersweep by Rol-Dri
SKU: 143-3150
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Seamless Rol-Dri
SKU: 143-243
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Super Sopper
SKU: 143-300
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Rain Shuttle Replacement Wheel
SKU: 144-3286
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32" Medium-Duty American Water Broom
SKU: 142-3072
9-Jet Water Broom
SKU: 142-3055
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Browse our extensive selection of line tapes, rollers, brooms, lutes, sweepers, spreaders, and other grooming tools. Soft court or hard court — our tennis court maintenance products make it easy to keep your court fresh.