Classic Tennis Courts

Har-Tru is a global tennis company based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

We are the world’s leading source for premium tennis court surfaces, consultation, equipment and accessories. You can find our courts and customers in every state in the US, and in 23 countries around the world. 

We believe in tennis wherever it’s played.

We know that tennis builds healthy bodies, active minds, and a strong character. We enjoy tennis as a social sport — one you can play for a lifetime. We are champions of the game, advocates for the industry, and an active sponsor of tournaments, events, and the tennis community.

Our role is to help others build and maintain the best courts in the world.

We’re a tennis company that loves the game and wants to help people achieve their best.

– Pat Hanssen, President, Har-Tru, LLC


In 1931, a contractor named Henry Alexander Robinson (HAR) engineered a new clay court surface using American stone first mined in Pennsylvania. The surface had a true (TRU) green color and ball bounce. Har-Tru courts caught on quickly with clubs and homeowners — and a tennis legacy was born.

Today, we manufacture the same classic clay courts, as well as high-performance acrylic hard courts, hybrid surfaces, and all the equipment and accessories that make a court complete.

Our products are known for their exceptional quality, and our people for their extensive knowledge and experience. We take pride in our long history of making court products that elevate the game of tennis.

Har-Tru works with trained independent contractors, authorized builders, and experienced installers. We advise owners, clubs, and other professionals on the latest court technology, construction materials and installation methods.

Our goal is to be the first and best choice for every type of court construction. Our industry-leading support and resources are available during all phases of purchasing, installing, and owning a Har-Tru court.

At the Boar's Head Resort in Charlottesville, Va., Har-Tru green clay courts sit next to a set of Har-Tru Sports Coatings acrylic hard courts.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to lead the tennis industry by creating better places to play,
to help others make and maintain the best courts in the world, to continually improve our products and services, and to focus on customers, using our knowledge and experience to serve their needs.

We are champions for the game of tennis.

We help people.  We work hard.  We have fun.

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