Vibrant, Long-Lasting Pickleball Courts


Har-Tru Hardcourt PICKLEBALL

Trusted by the pros, loved by clubs, easy on the eye

• Vibrant long-lasting colors
• Custom pace ratings
• Durable, long-lasting

100% Organic Liquid Pigments

Har-Tru PICKLE courts are environmentally friendly, designed to be long-lasting, vibrant, and provide a consistently enjoyable playing surface.

Vibrant Colors

Engineered for Professional Play

  • High-Performing durable surface
  • Vibrant, longer lasting UV stability
  • 100% liquid organic pigments
  • Knowledgeable service and support
  • Custom Pace Ratings
  • Highest quality hardcourt surfaces

100% Liquid Organic Colors


Engineered to be long-lasting and durable, our hardcourt coatings give your courts a professional touch.

Make the court your happy place with thousands of bright combinations.

Ask your contractor about stencils ♥ ★ and kitchen decorations!

Hardcourt Pickleball Performance

100% Liquid Organic Pigments

Environmentally friendly, long lasting, UV-stable, vibrant colors for a court that lasts longer and fades less.

High Performance

Highest quality acrylic coatings for consistent playability.

Customized Pace Ratings

Formulated in varying speeds to meet your performance requirements.

performance pickleball

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