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What sizes of windscreens are available?

Windscreens come in standard heights of 6’ and 9’, and are available in custom heights. Lengths up to 150’.

How large should I order my panels?

We recommend keeping panel lengths no longer than about 60’. Longer segments are available, but can be more difficult to install.

Can I get my windscreen in any color?

COURTMASTERTM windscreens come in a variety of colors. The most common colors are green, black, and blue.

COURTMASTERTM Elite and Pro are available in Dark green, royal blue, red, light gray, Kelly green, maroon, navy blue, black, purple, orange, Carolina blue, yellow, and white.

What is the best material for my windscreen?

The choice of material depends on your location and the weather you typically have. The strength of fence you are covering also affects the best choice of material. Consult a Har-Tru expert to find the right choice for your facility.

When will my windscreen order ship?

Windscreens ship approximately 2 weeks after placing an order. All Har-Tru windscreens carry a warranty and will last for years with proper care.

Does my windscreen need vents?

To reduce billowing and increase the life of your windscreen, we strongly recommend that all 9’ screens have vents. Vents in windscreens prevent wind damage to the fences they cover. Vents allow air flow between the screen and the fence. Vents should be cut in the windscreen beginning 5 feet from the left edge, and continuing approximately every 10 feet.

I placed my order online. What happens next?

Once you’ve ordered your windscreen segments through the TruCourt windscreen designer, a sales associate will contact you to confirm your measurements and other details of your order. You’ll have one more chance to double check and approve everything, then your order will be placed.

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