Tennis Court Irrigation

Your tennis court is only as good as your irrigation system.
Water keeps a court firm, gives it rich, dark color, and ensures stable footing for tennis players.

Why is Irrigation So Important?

  •     Water keeps the court stable and firm.
  •     A properly watered court provides better traction.
  •     An effective irrigation system reduces downtime.
  •     Proper hydration minimizes erosion.
  •     Water gives the court a beautiful, rich color.
  •     Proper hydration helps keep tapes in place.
  •     Water evaporates during play keeping the court and the players cool and comfortable.
  •     An effective irrigation system reduces daily, periodic, and annual maintenance.
  •     Optimal water means fewer bad bounces.
  •     Properly hydrated courts drain more quickly.

Subsurface or Sprinkler Irrigation?

Water can be introduced to a court through a subsurface irrigation system or an above ground irrigation system, such as a sprinkler.

The vast majority of new courts are installed with subsurface irrigation.

Our representatives offer consultation and equipment for sprinkler systems, and Har-Tru offers two subsurface solutions: HydroCourt and the HyQ Court. Both systems are proven to reduce court expenses and simplify daily maintenance in all climates.

The principal of sub-surface irrigation is that water is introduced into the porous stone base of your tennis court where it's absorbed and evenly distributed across the bottom of the court. Water draws up to the playing surface where it evaporates. The goal of subsurface irrigation is to maintain just enough water in the court at all times to keep up with evaporation rates—resulting in a court surface that is firm, stable and has uniform traction.

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