A great game of tennis takes hard work, patience, and endurance. It rewards those who think before they act. It can humble you — and it can make you feel invincible.  

For nearly 90 years, Har-Tru courts have been the first choice of avid tennis players and professionals around the world. Our classic courts promote a refined and healthy game that develops champions and a love of tennis.

A court for every player


For players of all ages, the clay court experience is an essential part of the game. Har-Tru is honored to be the world’s leading provider of clay court surfaces, and an advocate for the growth and elevation of our sport. 

An analysis of the world's top tennis players shows that the vast majority had extensive clay court training in their formative years. Playing on clay develops toughness, stamina, patience, and strategy. 

The sliding surface of a Har-Tru court reduces injuries. It also promotes a more well-rounded and strategic game. Slower ball speeds allow players more time to get to shots, construct shot sequences, and enjoy longer rallies that are less strenuous on the body. 

Playing on clay develops better players with a more well-rounded game, and playing a Har-Tru clay court is classic tennis at its best.



When we began manufacturing hard court surfaces, we knew they had to meet the same exacting standards of quality as our classic clay courts. With our Sports Coatings line, we’ve developed a premium acrylic surface to create hard courts worthy of the Har-Tru name. 

Har-Tru Sports Coatings are a durable, high-performance acrylic surface that meets the most demanding needs for tennis, pickleball, and multisport surfaces. All-weather and elegant, our Sports Coatings are made with the highest grade raw materials to achieve strength and performance. 

Har-Tru chemists created formulas that maximize yield and stability to spread consistently for optimum surface coverage. Those formulas include organic pigments and a high ratio of solids—creating surfaces that are vibrant and made to last. 


Throughout the years, Har-Tru has researched, developed, and manufactured a wide range of tennis court surfaces and equipment. Maintenance tools, accessories, hybrid surfaces, hard court surfaces:  we continually strive to improve every aspect of the court, and to provide everything you need for any court you build.

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