24" TruFlow Hand Spreader

24" TruFlow Hand Spreader


Designed to make top-dressing and resurfacing as easy as possible. Light reconditioning of a clay court demands an even distribution of material. This spreader offers both adjustable-rate distribution control and mechanical simplicity. The Tru-Flow Spreader Produces consistent and even layers in proper proportions for top dressing a court.

Tru-Flow spreaders handle the toughest of conditions. For top-dressing to be effective, it needs to be applied as uniformly as possible. Tru-Flow's unique 8" dispersal drum is encased in expanded metal. Conventional drop spreaders rely on gravity to help release the Har-Tru from its hopper; but the Tru-Flow pulls the surface out of the hopper and on to the court with unmatched consistency. 

TruFlow Spreaders will distribute Har-Tru as well as sand, other materials for synthetic grass, natural turf, and running tracks. If cleaned properly to protect the steel, this unit will give years of service. Larger tow models for heavy-duty use are available.

See the Tru-Flow Spreader in action:

24″ hand model holds up to four 80-lb. bags of Har-Tru
Overall width with wheels attached is 36.8"

36″ tow-model holds eight 80-lb. bags of Har-Tru
Total width with wheels attached is 57"

54″ tow-model holds more than fifteen 80-lb. bags of Har-Tru
Total width with wheels attached is 79"