Court Devil

Court Devil


Loosen up your court. The Court Devil is one of our most aggressive scarification tools. Designed to agitate the court surface without removing or damaging existing line tapes, it also helps prevent and break up mineral deposits, mold, algae and fungus that tighten the court surface.

The Court Devil scarifies the court with circular steel blades mounted on free-turning axles. Agitating the top layer, this tool is ideal for hard compacted courts, loosening hardpan caked on top of the court, courts that get played frequently with a lot of compaction, and most scarification needs. It’s great tool to loosen up the surface and soften up the courts. 

Forty (40) saw-toothed blades are angled to scarify as the unit is towed behind a golf cart or maintenance vehicle. The Court Devil is also useful when lightly scarifying the top surface of a court for resurfacing or regularly scarifying the top surface of sub-surface irrigated Har-Tru courts, including HydroCourt and HyQ Courts.  Bags of Har-Tru or other weights can be added to the sturdy deck to increase the weight and depth of the blades. For best results on the court, add no more than 50 lbs of additional weight. 

Includes tow bar for attaching to the back of most utility vehicles.