4' Tow Scarifier

4' Tow Scarifier


Heavy duty tool for loosening court surfaces. This model is 4 feet wide with two rows of case-hardened nails. It heavy enough to allow the nails to really penetrate the surface. Especially good for sunbaked Southern courts that have excess calcium buildup. Truly a workhorse for reconditioning clay courts.

The 4' Tow Scarifier is a heavy-duty tool for reconditioning compacted clay courts. The unit has two rows of case-hardened nails to penetrate the surface. The nails are staggered on each row to prevent clumps, and sized to fit between the alley tapes.

Levered wheels lift the unit over tapes so that tapes can be left in place during scarification. The nails are angled and actually self sharpen as they are used. You can adjust the steel rails to lower nails as they wear. The steel nail plate is removable for easy nail replacement.

4' Wide, 2 Rows of Nails, 61 Nails Per Row

Sized to fit between the alley tape

Levered wheels lift unit over tapes so tapes can be left in place

Adjustable tow hitch fits most utility vehicles

Adjustable steel rails lower nails as they wear down

Removable steel plate allows for easy nail replacement

40D nails: 3/16" diameter by 5" long