LoveOne Pickleball Scoreboard

LoveOne Pickleball Scoreboard


Attractive, easy-to-read, and simple to operate: the LoveOne Pickleball scorekeeper is a top-of-the-line must-have for your court. This pickleball scoreboard‚ keeps scores for both teams, looks great, and can be seen clearly from a distance. The LoveOne Pickleball scorekeeper is used on the USTA National Campus and can score games such as Pickleball, Bocce, Cornhole, Volleyball, Badminton and many more!

Good-looking and durable, the LoveOne Pickleball scorekeeper is manufactured from high quality polymer plastic that is UV-resistant and fully weatherproof. Perfect for indoor or outdoor courts. 

This scoreboard is used on the USTA National Campus. Tennis ball indicators are 2″ in diameter. The LoveOne keeps scores for both teams. Colorful and quick, the score is indicated on both sides of the court and it’s easy to read—even from a distance.  

Scores: 2 out-of-3 sets, 8 game pro set for Juniors, and 10 point tie breaker. 

The LoveOne score keeper fastens easily to standard diameter net posts with included hardware. Can be used as a fixed or removable mounting. Installation guide and mounting post included.

• 6” wide x 25” height x 1/2” thick
• 2" diameter indicators
• Mounting bracket and indicators included