COURTMASTER Pickleball Net

COURTMASTER Pickleball Net

Please note this net will not touch the ground to allow for the transfer of Pickleballs from side to side underneath the net.3mm polyethlene body with vinyl headband 31” H x 21’9”

This net is our leading seller for Pickleball. It is sized specifically for the sport but features construction similar to our tennis nets, making it highly durable. This net will also work well on most Platform Tennis Courts but we recommend verifying the width from post to post.

3MM polyethylene body

23-oz vinyl headband

3' H x 22' L

1/2" fiberglass dowels


For platform net: specify exact size of net required.  Courts can be different sizes.  This net will need to be tailored to fit your specific court size.

2 year prorated warranty:
Must be received as a credit against the purchase of a new net from Har-Tru, LLC.  The warranty amount will be as follows:

100%               within 1 year (100% of original cost)
25%                 within 2nd year (25% of original cost)