CourtPac Roller

CourtPac Roller


Easy to operate and easy to maintain! CourtPac Rollers are the best design on the market today. Equipped with a Honda engine that starts on the first pull and a hydraulic transmission that is smooth, responsive and controls speed and direction.

12 week lead time for rollers due to shortages in parts

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Easy to operate and easy to maintain, we believe you will find the CourtPac the best designed, best engineered tennis court roller on the market today. Why?

It’s easy to start – The unit is equipped with a Honda engine that starts on the first pull almost every time.

It’s easy to operate – Speed and direction are controlled with a hydrostatic transmission that is smooth and responsive. This transmission comes from the lawn mowing industry where it has shown exceptional durability.

It’s easy to steer – The seat adjusts to position the driver where they can easily reach the handle bars and set their feet down on the large stable foot tray with traction tread. This means it requires very little strength or energy to maneuver the roller.

It’s easy to maintain – Just add oil! There are no chains or sprockets and the heavy duty polyurethane scraper bars will last years before replacement is needed.

It’s safe – There is an emergency stop button, emergency break and a safety switch under the seat. Neutral safety switches prevent the roller from starting or jumping when in gear.

It’s the little things – The engine has been positioned on the roller to blow all exhaust fumes away from the driver. The scraper bars are polyurethane for quiet operation. The seat is large, cushioned and light colored to keep it from heating up in the hot sun. We’ve even included a cup holder!

Available in 24" & 48".

**Due to product weight, this item can't be shipped via UPS.  We'd prefer that you call to order this product**