Get the job done! Ty-Raps are used for securing your windscreens. ‚ Available in multiple lengths and strengths. ‚ All Ty-Raps come in bags of 100.

Great for securing your windscreens, and handy for any number of odd jobs on the court.  Available in 7.5", 8", and 14" lengths.  All Ty-Raps come in bags of 100.

Innovative design and engineered materials make Ty-Rap® cable ties the perfect fastening solution where performance really matters. Often imitated but never equaled, Ty-Rap cable ties provide superior performance in any application.  Whether the application requires resistance against extreme temperatures, flames, continuous sunlight and UV radiation, aggressive chemicals or requires heavy tensile strength

Fewer Stress Points: Ty-Rap's smooth, notchless body reduces the number of stress points to increase its useful life, while ribs and stipples grip the bundle and prevent slipping.

Snag Free Installation: The low-profile head and its oval shape make it easier to pull bundled cables through bulkheads. Easier on your hands, too.

Performance in High and Low Temp Environments: Ty-Rap cable ties operate in extreme environments.