Honey! You shrunk my Drag Brush!

Honey! You shrunk my Drag Brush!

One thing we appreciate at Har-Tru is helpful feedback from the men and women tackling day-to-day maintenance at tennis clubs and on the court. Our associates have years of experience and know about almost everything that goes into making a court, but we never want to stop learning or improving. Recently, we gathered input about a staple of clay court maintenance: the humble drag brush.

Getting around the court

We heard from many of our customers that some court locations don’t have enough space to run a 7-foot brush around the posts without knocking into them. If someone was towing their brush around a court like that, and finished one side, they would need to disconnect the brush and reattach it once they moved to the other side of the court. Not very convenient or efficient.

 We reduced the length of our brushes

Our product design team went to work on the problem, and came up with a simple solution: reduce the length of the brush. With a 6-foot brush, you can move around more easily, maneuver around the net and posts, and continue to groom the court uninterrupted. Going from a 7-foot to a 6-foot brush length is a small change, but for many it makes brushing a court a lot more convenient and efficient.

 What else is new?

While we were re-engineering our drag brush, we took a look at another basic part of the tool: the handle. We took inspiration from a standard style of handle in Germany. In our hand-tow models, a curved handle allows the user to pull the brush with only one hand—at the same time, it avoids a common issue of pulling the brush too closely so that a cross bar hits the user. No cross bar, no problem! Our friends in the field report that the new curved handle is easier to use and feels more comfortable than the old “horse drawn” style of handle. The curved handle is now standard issue on all Har-Tru drag brushes, as well as the 72” Gator Rake.

 Your new brush is waiting!

Our redesigned drag brush line makes them easier to use, causes less damage to posts, and are even more affordable to ship.  When it’s time to get down to the work of leveling and manicuring your court, we hope you’ll try one out and enjoy the improvements!



p.s. If you like the newly designed drag brush, you'll probably enjoy the same improvements on our Drag Brush and Lute combination tool!


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