Gator Rake Pro 72" Tow Model

Gator Rake Pro 72" Tow Model


High quality, manufactured by Har-Tru. This contractor-grade tool is the heaviest and most durable rake on the market, making it ideal for scarification, top dressing and aggressive daily maintenance. Weight towers (sold separately) allow you to add weight for deeper surface penetration.

Used at the USTA National Campus. Many of today's Har-Tru courts need daily agitation to perform at their best. This is particularly true for subsurface-irrigated courts, West Coast courts, and indoor courts.

The Gator Rake line was developed for this very purpose: it's a tool that can be used daily to leave the ideal amount of loose surface for perfect play. The shape and length of the aluminum teeth, along with the weight characteristics of the rake, make it unique to its purpose.

See the Gator Rake in action!