Har-Tru Revolution Net

Har-Tru Revolution Net


The Har-Tru Revolution is our top tennis net - it looks great on the court, is highly durable, and performs like a champion. Made with a 4 mm polyethylene net body, the Revolution features a strong, crisp-looking material that drapes extremely well. With a heavy-duty double layered headband, the thickest available fiberglass dowels, and an IFT compliant Tidy-fit design, the Revolution is a winner on any court!  Can be used for Tennis & POP Tennis.

A center strap is included with every net. Item # 106-753A


The Har-Tru Revolution is our top net - in look and in durability.

Made with our best vinyl, head and side bands frame the elegant but durable, single-layer, 4.0 mm cord body. At this cord body thickness, there is strength to match a double top six mesh net, but the single layer presents a simple, sleek and most elegant appearance.

Added durability can be found in double-top six tennis nets, where 90 percent of balls hit the net. Braided tennis net bodies are stronger than twisted cord tennis nets because they are more durable and better absorb tennis ball impact. The result is a ball that lands closer to the net instead of rebounding away from it. Polyethylene tennis net material is UV resistant and withstands harsher weather than polypropylene tennis nets.

Har-Tru and COURTMASTER® Tennis Net Features 

We believe that our Har-Tru and Courtmaster tennis nets are by far the best nets available and provide superior quality that will last for years. You can feel proud installing the best nets available for every court you recondition or build.

Tennis Net Durability

All Har-Tru and Courtmaster net models have double-layered headbands. Most feature a coated laminated vinyl, with built in anti-fungal treatment. The two layers of vinyl headband material are the heaviest in the industry.

The polyester thread used by Har-Tru and Courtmaster is the heaviest thread any double needle sewing machine can sew. It is the most abrasion-resistant thread with the greatest tensile strength of any headband thread used in our industry. Our headbands are sewn via a lock-stitch method, which results in the thread being much harder to unravel if cut. All Har-Tru and Courtmaster vinyl headbands are folded under the at the bottom edge for a clean, non-frayed finish. 

Smaller mesh size 

The net bodies on all Har-Tru and Courtmaster tennis nets use 1-23/32” size mesh, as opposed to the industry standard of 1-¾” size mesh. The smaller mesh size guarantees that balls cannot go through the net, even in Top 10 men’s play. These top-of-the-line net bodies are braided polypropylene solid-core yarn, including four models with hand-woven double top six netting. The top 6 rows of a net receive the most use and abuse, therefore the double mesh netting adds to the longevity of the net. The braided knots are heat set to assure no knot slippage, and the mesh holds its shape in all circumstances. 

Heavy-duty sidebands 

All Har-Tru and Courtmaster tennis nets come with 5/8” fiberglass dowel side stakes. Sidebands utilize 3” wide, 18 oz. non-glare black vinyl, which is folded under on both side edges for a tidy, clean-cut look. No other net supplier folds its sidebands under. Many tennis net manufacturers use 14 oz. vinyl sidebands and are anywhere from 2 ¼” to 2 ½” wide. Har-Tru and Courtmaster’s are 3” wide. They feature two rows of black polyester thread (the same quality as used in the headbands), lock-stitched on our sidebands. 

Flexi-loop and Tidyfit

Har-Tru and Courtmaster put a special feature on the winder end of the cables called a flexi-loop. This flexi-loop feature makes attaching the cable to the winder pin much easier as well as winding the cable. We are the only company in industry that does this. 

All Har-Tru and Courtmaster tennis nets are available in Tidyfit tapered models. The bottom bands on all regular size tennis nets are 1-¾” wide, while the Tidyfit tapered models use a 2-½” wide bottom band. These are all made of 18 oz. black non-glare vinyl sewn using two rows of black polyester thread, the same thread and the same lock-stitching used in the sidebands. Har-Tru and Courtmaster nets fold the bottom band under for clean finished look. 

See specifications for a comparison of net features.

4MM body, solution-dyed black braided polyester

Double layer of 23-oz white vinyl-laminated inner polyester headband with anti-fungal treatment; lock stitched with 4 rows of white polyester thread, bottom edges turned under

Tapered bottom: 42" high at each end, 36" high at center for tailored look

Flexi-loop cable included


5 year prorated warranty (*see below for details)

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*Warranty must be received as a credit against the purchase of a new net from Har-Tru, LLC. The warranty amount will be as follows:

100% within 1 year (100% of original cost)
50% within 2nd year (50% of original cost)
20% within 3rd year (20% of original cost)
10% within 4th year (10% of original cost)
5% within 5th year ( 5% of original cost)