What is POP Tennis?

What is POP Tennis?

POP Tennis is the new POPular type of Tennis with a twist on traditional Paddle Tennis that is currently being played in 24 US states and 11 other countries around the world. POP is Tennis, just played on shorter courts with shorter, solid(no strings) racquets, lower compression tennis balls(green dot for adults, orange for kids) with the same rules/scoring as tennis, except players get one underhand serve. POP Tennis is for all ages, can be played all year round, indoor or outdoor and is played on both classic 50 foot courts and 60 foot courts. The 60’ courts are sanctioned and certified by the ITF. There are currently over 30,000 POP courts around the US at over 2,500 locations. POP can be played on all surfaces including hard court, grass/turf, clay/Har-Tru, modular tile and hard sand. POP is primarily a doubles sport with a short learning curve and can be played easily by all levels of talent and athleticism from beginner to Pro.

Here is a link to a recent interview of Mitch Kutner, President of the International POP Tennis Association, discussing POP in more detail: https://www.tennisclubbusiness.com/interview-mitch-kutner-1220

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Promo videos: https://youtu.be/wajF28Nyiwg




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