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Center court — the heart of tennis. Har-Tru nets and posts come in a variety of styles and models. Durable internal wound and external wound posts and nets for tennis, pickleball, paddleball, and table tennis. Protect your courts from wind, noise, and glare. Customized windscreens, divider nets, curtains and fabrics.

Deluxe Singles Stick
SKU: 106-3081
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Double-Ended Snap
SKU: 106-214
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Tennis Net Repair Cord
SKU: 106-297
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Heavy Duty Pipe Anchor
SKU: 106-201
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Replacement Tennis Net Cable
SKU: 106-212
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Quik-Stiks Single Sticks
SKU: 106-3602BE
$29.95 $26.00
Quik-Stiks Combo Kit
SKU: 106-3607BE
$39.95 $30.00
Quik-Strap for Pickleball Nets
SKU: 106-801
$9.95 $6.00
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Quik-Chek for Pickleball Nets
SKU: 106-3604
$6.95 $4.00
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Quik-Strap for Tennis Nets
SKU: 106-800
$13.95 $8.00
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Tennis nets, headbands, center straps, and replacement parts — you’ll find them all for sale here. Shop now for long-lasting, heavy-duty tennis posts and other essential court