Surface Irrigation

Your tennis court is only as good as your irrigation system

Water keeps a court firm, gives it rich, dark color, and ensures stable footing for tennis players. Let us help you decide what type of irrigation system is right for you.

Water can be introduced to a court through a sub-surface irrigation system or an above ground irrigation system. The vast majority of new courts are installed with sub-surface irrigation. The HydroCourt sub-surface irrigation system has been in use for over 20 years in all climates and has been proven to reduce court expenses and simplify daily maintenance. That being said, a well-designed sprinkler system is also a very effective way to deliver the water Har-Tru courts need.

10 Reasons Why Irrigation is Important
  • 1

    Water keeps the court stable and firm.

  • 2

    A properly watered court provides better traction.

  • 3

    An effective irrigation system reduces downtime.

  • 4

    Proper hydration minimizes erosion.

  • 5

    Water gives the court a beautiful, rich color.

  • 6

    Proper hydration helps keep tapes in place.

  • 7

    Water evaporates during play keeping the court and the players cool and comfortable.

  • 8

    An effective irrigation system reduces daily, periodic, and annual maintenance.

  • 9

    Optimal water means fewer bad bounces.

  • 10

    Properly hydrated courts drain more quickly.


A clay court, like a sponge, holds water. This water evaporates over the course of a day. Irrigation regimens should be designed to replenish water lost during the day.
  • 1

    Water multiple times for short durations to allow your court to absorb and retain water more readily.

  • 2

    Always water after brushing as brushing accelerates drying.

  • 3

    Adjust sprinkler heads on a weekly basis to ensure proper coverage.

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HYDROCOURT – Simplifying clay court ownership

A revolutionary innovation in the 1980s has become the worldwide standard today. A revolutionary innovation in the 1980s has become the worldwide standard today.
HYDROCOURT – Enjoy a great court 24/7

HydroCourt is a self-regulating irrigation system that waters the court from below. Constructed with six fully lined cells, each cell is monitored by a water control box allowing adjustments to be fine-tuned to player preferences.

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