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We carry only brands and models of sprinkler heads, valves, and controllers that we know work well on Har-Tru courts.Read More...Read Less...

Har-Tru can be tough on sprinklers, so over time we have carefully tested and selected sprinkler heads that are not only effective at delivering water to the court, but are highly durable as well.

All our sprinkler heads feature stainless steel sleeves and the latest in rotor and spray technology. Additionally, we offer controllers and valves to match all your irrigation needs.

Choosing the right sprinkler head makes all the difference
  • 1

    Improved coverage. Having the right heads will improve water distribution and make the court more consistent.

  • 2

    Reduced down time. Installing sprinklers that throw out more water can reduce the amount of time courts need to be closed for watering.

  • 3

    Fewer puddles. The right sprinklers distribute water more evenly and can reduce puddles that take a long time to dry.

  • 4

    Reduced system maintenance. Having the right heads and controller in place can eliminate the need for system adjustments.

  • 5

    Reduced maintenance. The right equipment will keep the court properly hydrated and this reduces the need for brushing and rolling.

  • 6

    Reduced cost of ownership. Consistent water prevents erosion and this lessens the amount of Har-Tru that needs to be replaced annually and over time.

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A clay court, like a sponge, holds water. This water evaporates over the course of a day. Irrigation regimens should be designed to replenish water lost during the day.
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    Water multiple times for short durations to allow your court to absorb and retain water more readily.

  • 2

    Always water after brushing as brushing accelerates drying.

  • 3

    Adjust sprinkler heads on a weekly basis to ensure proper coverage.

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100% uniform coverage produces the best looking and best playing court. 100% uniform coverage produces the best looking and best playing court.
HydroCourt is watering made easy.

Close to 75% of all new courts constructed use underground watering. It simplifies maintenance and provides optimal playing conditions.

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