It’s all in the planning

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There are three vital pieces of information required to design an effective irrigation system. These are your water pressure, volume, and the size of your incoming water line. With these fundamentals, along with consideration of how often the court will be used and for how long, you can select the optimal heads, valves, pipe sizes, and controllers.

Why is a great watering system so important?
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    Less maintenance. Proper design up front will reduce the maintenance required to keep the court in optimal condition.

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    Less worry. A poor irrigation system can keep you up at night worrying if it’s running properly and whether your courts will be playable tomorrow.

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    Reduced downtime. Watering in the middle of the day is quicker and more effective and the court will be ready for play faster.

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    Better coverage. A well-designed system evenly distributes water across the entire playing area.

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    Safer playing conditions. A court that is maintained with proper moisture levels provides more consistent traction.

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    Water Savings. Too often irrigation systems require you to flood one part of the court to get another part wet. This wastes water as much of it runs off the court.

We have irrigation experts who can help you design the best system for your facility


Here are a few simple tips that can help you make good system design choices
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    Utilize our consulting services department. They are experts in irrigation system design.

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    Consult with your tennis court contractor. They have installed and worked on thousands of systems.

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    Utilize your local golf course superintendent as a resource. They are irrigation experts.

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Super Soaker System

The ultimate above-ground system The ultimate above-ground system
Simulate a short rain

An eight-head system with proper pressure and volume can completely saturate your court in just two minutes. The result is uniform distribution without a lot of down time.

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