Court Consultation

When you want complete confidence for installing, improving, upgrading, and maintaining your tennis courts, turn to Har-Tru Consulting.

Har-Tru looks well beyond the court surface to design an all-inclusive plan for creating the most compelling tennis experience possible.

Services we provide include:

  • Construction and maintenance guidance prior to facility renovations or new construction
  • Identifying capital improvement needs for long-term planning and budgeting
  • Investigating the possibility of converting hard courts to clay courts
  • Providing tailored maintenance programs and on-site training for your staff, adapted for your particular facility’s needs
  • Lighting Analysis Survey

    We offer a full lighting analysis service, including system design, installation, and maintenance. We analyze your existing lighting system, generating a photometric map that illustrates how improvements can be made—from changing bulbs to installing the latest energy-efficient light fixtures.

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  • One-Day Facility Visit

    During our one-day facility visit, we’ll inspect your courts and consult with you to identify opportunities around spring reconditioning, court opening, daily and periodic maintenance, annual budgeting, and control of operating expenses.

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  • Court Analysis Survey

    Har-Tru consultants will check your courts for proper slope, survey court thickness and base material, and examine your equipment, amenities, and irrigation system. The information gathered for the Court Analysis Survey (CAS) is put into a bound, full-color, easy-to-read report—complete with photos, charts, and computer-generated drawings specific to the facility being analyzed.

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  • Owner’s Representative Consulting

    Our consulting service can be invaluable during the critical stages of construction, rebuilding, and reconditioning. We can help you convert your old hard courts to Har-Tru, ClayTech or HydroCourt surfaces. In addition, we can assist in developing a long-term plan for success, from court selection to installation and beyond.

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  • Irrigation System Design and Maintenance

    A survey that identifies your current water system, how it operates, and how enhancements can be made—including recommendations on how to improve operating pressure, gallons per minute, general system components, and effective coverage.

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